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How do I place an order

Click here to get started on an order.

If you’re not sure which product you’d like, you can browse through catalogues here.

If you have any questions – you can get in touch with a customer service rep here.

How do I order different styles

If you want to order multiple styles on the same order, let the customer service rep know and we can help you apply the artwork across multiple products.

What is the minimum order qty

Minimum order qty is 12 pcs.

How long will my order take

Generally orders take about 7-10 business days to complete and ship out. If you need something faster, let your customer service rep know and we can generally work something out.

Can I get sizing samples

Yes, if you need sizing samples to get your group sized correctly or if you want to feel the product before you buy we can send you out blank samples to test. Just let your customer service rep know that you’d like samples sent over.

How do I choose the correct size

There should be sizing charts on each product page or at the back of any catalogues for you to reference.

If you’re not sure – ask the customer service rep and we can get you more information to help with sizing.

Generally – if you’re a female looking at unisex sizing, we suggest ordering a size down – ie. if you’re a women’s medium, order a unisex small.


Can you help with design

Yes! We have thousands of design templates that you can look through or if you need something completely custom, we can work up a new design for you for a fee. See the Design page for more info.

Which type of decoration is best

It depends – our most popular decoration methods for apparel are Screenprinting and Embroidery. These work great on large orders and are the traditional methods of decoration.

Sublimation is a very popular style of decoration that is great for vivid prints and all over decoration. Generally with sublimation the garments are custom made so there is a longer lead time for delivery.

Transfers are good for small logos where fine detail is required that can’t be done with embroidery or the order size is too small for screenprinting.

Direct to Garment (DTG) is popular for larger photo prints or small qty runs.

Check out our Design page or speak with a customer service rep to get more information.

Can you match specific colours

In almost all cases yes. For exact matches, screenprinting or printed transfers are the best method if you absolutely need to match a specific Pantone colour.

Embroidery is also quite good, although in most cases we are matching a PMS colour to the closest thread or twill colour we have.

Sublimation – sublimation is similar to embroidery – since the colour depends on the fabric, it is not an exact science. Best method is to give us the colour you are trying to match and we will pick the sublimation colour that best matches.

In all cases, if you have a specific colour you need, please make the customer service rep aware of it prior to order submission.


What shipping options do I have

We ship primarily with UPS, Canpar and Fedex – we check several courier companies to ensure we’re getting the lowest rate. If you need an express service, just ask your customer service rep and we will give you a quote.

Learn more on our Shipping page.

Where do you ship from

Depending on which product you are ordering, we will ship from the closest production facility to you in order to limit time and shipping cost. The main production centres are based in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON.

Learn more on our Shipping page.


What type of payments do you accept

We accept cheque, e-transfers, and credit card payments from American Express, Visa, and Mastercard.

How does pricing work

Pricing depends on 3 things:

  1. Type of product being ordered – there are generally several levels of quality to choose from
  2. The quantity being ordered – larger quantities will generally lead to lower per unit pricing.
  3. The style and complexity of the decoration – larger more complex designs generally increase pricing, except with sublimation where all designs does not affect price.

Best bet is to find a product that you like and then speak with one of our customer service reps about decoration options and pricing.

Have another question that’s not answered here? Get in touch with us to get more information