About Us

We work with leaders.

Our clients plan events, lead companies, organize all types of groups, coach or manage teams, others have a rewarding but never-ending job as a teacher.

One thing they all have in common is that they put massive amounts of time and effort into their projects and work. They also understand the value of their time, and which tasks have the biggest impact on their students, projects, groups, and events.

That’s why they choose to partner with us, they recognize the product that we create for them is more than just a printed t-shirt.

We give clients freedom.

Freedom from the high stress, time consuming, low-value tasks like collecting payments and packaging orders. Things that used to be an unavoidable part of co-ordinating custom merchandise group orders.

We do this by automating, eliminating, or simply taking over these tasks. Since we’re working multiple orders at a time, we can achieve the efficiencies and economies of scale on tasks like packaging that are not possible in a one off setting.

This allows clients to maximize the value they create for their groups – be it by focusing only on high level work, or  choosing to enjoy some well deserved downtime so they come back to their project refreshed.

We’ve been in your shoes.

We’ve played on teams and been underwhelmed by the uniforms and the kit.

We’ve been those coaches and chasing kids for orders and payments, negotiating with suppliers, then packaging and delivering orders to players houses.

We’ve been the event planner trying to decide how many on t-shirts and which sizes to order for a group of volunteers at a rugby club fundraiser.

We’ve been the employee tasked with trying to find products for the company reward program that’s used by over six hundred people – all of them happy to second guess the product selection.

I’ve watched my mother and friends who are also teachers, chase kids for money and order slips, then after coaching, dig through box after box to find the one medium sweatshirt in a box of smalls to fill an excited and impatient student’s order.

That’s why Navigate Apparel exists today – to help leaders in the same positions we’ve been in. We want to help them create the maximum amount of value for their groups – all while soaking up the praise that comes with creating custom apparel and merchandise that everyone absolutely loves.